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i cant even stress enough how much shit i had to watch growing up just bc my dad helped animate it except for the smurfs i was never allowed to watch the smurfs

i was laughign really hard at some posts making fun of scooby-doo and  then i remembered my dad used to work on that show and now im laughing even harder 

willofasherah replied to your post: perryparasol said:rosalinathis on…

you’re both top tier in the new smash bros

oh right how could i forget this„

perryparasol said: rosalina

this ones hard i cant think of anything i dont think im worthy to compare myself to rosalina 

we both cameo in Walt Disney’s hit film Wreck-it Ralph

auspah said: Sully!

both best friends w/ mike 

auspah said: Princess Peach

share the same love 4 pink 

auspah said: mike wazowski

we’re both funny attractive cool, the list goes on 


send me a character and I’ll tell you one thing I have in common with them



cartoon-trash said: when I see you, I think of Merida, and a cybug, and Mike Wazowski.

nice!!! :-0

auspah said: mike wazowski (obviously), rapunzel (idk why???), and toothless

aaah i luv all of them :’O 

Name three characters you think of when you think of me.