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Princess Tiana looking fabulous as always


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doctorjumba replied to your post: did the simpsons/family guy crossover …

then the shit w/ meg being told she “doesnt matter” by peter like wow family guy is just an awful show

yeah i saw that that made me so sad and angry 

like family guy and the simpsons are no strangers to taking jabs at w/e’s mainstream (i mean thats all that the simpsons relies on these days lol) and i rly couldnt care less otherwise but calling out bob’s burgers (simply bc it beat out mcfarlen’s other show on fox LOL) is such big talk for an hour long crossover gimmick that featured a #rape joke just 10 mins in

did the simpsons/family guy crossover actually take a jab @ bob’s burgers lol thats so sad 


it’s me, FeministHatingBrony87, back with another movie review. this week i’m going to be talking about why Disneys Planes needed less female characters and more horses. i know i promised in my last video that my next video would be less than 45 minutes but i just had a lot to say. anyway let’s get started